The golf clubs accepted as being the oldest in existence  were found in 1898. walled up in a merchants house in Hull. These clubs are known throughout the world as the "Troon Golf Clubs" as they were donated to the Royal Troon Golf Club after their discovery.

This web site was inspired by an article published in "Through the Green" magazine June 2010. The article was by Ian Crowe and was entitled "The Troon Golf Clubs" - A theory of provenance. (1) I am pleased to say that Ian has kindly agreed to allow me to reproduce his article on this site.

The site is intended as a focus of information regarding the clubs, in the hope that one day the maker or owner may be identified. Your input is vital if the facts regarding the origin is ever to be discovered.  

I would like to begin by stating that I am not a historian and neither am I a trained researcher, I am merely a collector of old golf clubs that loves golf, its history and, its mysteries.

I hope you enjoy my web site but most of all I hope that it will inspire you to comment on it, add to it, and share your knowledge with the rest of golf lovers everywhere.

(1) Through the Green is the in house magazine of the British Golf Collectors' Society. It is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

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